The Firm

MIGUEL MORA DO VALE & ASSOCIADOS Sociedade de Advogados, RL, is a global limited liability law firm focused on the legal support and counsel to individuals, companies and other institutions. The firm was established in 2019 following a period of several years, beginning in the late 1990s, in which its lawyers worked together on joint projects. The new corporate organisation model seeks to increase the quality and efficiency of the practice of law.

The change was basically due, on the one hand, to a growing need to provide our clients with a response combining quality and efficacy and, on the other, to an increase in the number of staff.

The firm’s founding partner has been practising law in Lisbon since 1989, first in Travessa do Moinho de Vento and, since 2008, in Rua Castilho, where he is currently part of MIGUEL MORA DO VALE & ASSOCIADOS.

Some of the firm’s associates have worked with the founding partner since the office in Travessa do Moinho de Vento, therefore sharing a long history of experience and teamwork, with effective and professional coordination in case management and with a long-lasting relationship of trust with their clients.

Our firm was thus born out of the union of a group of lawyers, who have brought with them, in addition to their individual experience, essentially a love for our profession and a desire to present good results.

The firm’s technical and administrative organisational structure is able to provide a response that combines quality and efficacy, and is composed of permanent lawyers and a team of supporting legal practitioners.

The firm’s size enables us to maintain personal contact with our clients, as is normal for a boutique law firm that is wholly focused on the uncompromising defence of our clients’ interests and needs.



MMV’s purpose is fundamentally to resolutely defend the interests of our clients, by providing an independent, effective, fast and high quality service, thereby seeking to contribute to developing and dignifying the law practice.

Our mission takes shape daily through the counsel we provide to clients, in a competent and professional manner, where we are fully committed to defending the interests of those who place their trust in us.